During the Immersion Retreats, Conrad shares the essence of who he is, in the greatest simplicity.

In these, we live to the rhythm of simplicity and above all of full consciousness, oh so essential in this “Way to Self”, and all the more so, in this period of change.

Conrad invites us to walk towards inner Unity , to live our life in full awareness of the present moment, and to manifest “the State of Presence”. We are led to return to the center of ourselves, in what Conrad calls the “Inner Temple”. Conrad also teaches us how to see life, and the world with wisdom, accuracy, depth and in the greatest simplicity.

The IMMERSION© RETREAT with Conrad invites us to touch the essence of who we are, the essence of Being, to dive into the heart of Self and evolve in a timeless space. A time that also invites us to get out of habits and the illusion of educational, social, cultural and religious conditioning.

The energy and the right words of Conrad help us to go to the essential and invite us to discover, feel, find and live our true, deep, primordial nature, our true essence, like a (re)birth that we is proposed to relive, as a liberation, thus allowing to manifest more Peace and Love for ourselves and for all.

Conrad shares his teachings with us, and can evoke in depth various themes such as: being fully in the present moment, and in the presence of Self, learning to decondition yourself, listening to your body, your feelings, your guidance, its functioning, learning to have the right Word, allowing the right expression of our inner truth.

He can also talk about many topics such as food, mindful walking, breathing, altruism, compassion, humility, being of true service, etc…

It also discusses how to find a state of simplicity, authenticity, tranquility and serenity, and many other things.

This time of immersion allows a “death” of the illusion, and a true rebirth to Self.

So, in this invitation, we detach ourselves from the beliefs that still limit us from what we think we are, in order to see the Sacred in everything, including, and even more so, in ourselves, in the other, and in all that is.

Conrad invites us to find ourselves, beyond everything, in simplicity, among other things:

In relation to oneself

In couple relationships

In relationships with others

In our relationship to the Earth

On our way to ourselves

In our expressions

In our Word

In our silence

In our quality of presence

In our intentions, our words and our deeds

In the experiences and teachings given to us

In the way we look at life, at ourselves, at others, and at everything

In rituals or prayers

In our daily actions

In relation to food, etc.

In these moments of teachings, we then feel united in ourselves, inviting us to “marry” internally. We thus feel and see that everything is there, in absolute simplicity, beyond even any will, such an evidence. That “Is”, and reveals itself, thus presents itself to itself… in itself, in the truth which unfolds in the moment.

The IMMERSION© RETREAT is a unique moment, an invitation to remind ourselves of what we are, to rediscover our nobility, to see the Sacred in oneself and around oneself, to lay down our conscience and to cast a pure, unified gaze devoid of any judgment. , on the truth that we are.

The IMMERSION© RETREAT is a return to oneself, to the Presence, a return to True Love, and invites us to live with accuracy, wisdom and truth.

The days can be punctuated, among other things, with teachings, guidance, moments of exchange and interactive sharing, questions and answers, deep awareness, meditative states, connections, depending on the energy of the instant.

Moments of silence are also part of great moments of integration and allow a great depth leading us towards transformations.

No “program” is determined in advance because Conrad wishes to remain in the spontaneity of the present moment, according to what he feels. His teachings speak to and touch the heart and soul of everyone.

NB: CONRAD also invites us to understand that a title or a summary in a few lines would be limiting and would do little to describe what is truly experienced during the retreats.

Over time, many people have been able to feel the energy, the radiance, the “presence” of Conrad through the Retreats, conferences, videos , etc., who have experienced many transformations and even healings. in contact with him. TESTIMONIALS .

Conrad is the author of several BOOKS

The IMMERSION © RETREAT is an invitation to find and see the Sacred in oneself and around oneself. It is a return to true love.

The IMMERSION© RETREAT is above all a Way towards oneself, which is a return to the truth, an invitation to return to the essence of what we are beyond everything.


“Some of you write to me with the wish to participate in an event, but with little financial means. Being very sensitive to the situations of certain people, and to the various words and requests that I have been able to receive, describing many personal situations, I then wished to offer something, by making an event where each person could come. It is a present for those who wish it, for anyone (in “material” difficulty, whatever the cause, or even without difficulty). This is why this space is open to FREE AND CONSCIOUS participation, that is to say that everyone gives what they can, or what they wish, without any minimum limit, so that each person can benefit lessons that I share. Giving in a free and conscious way is an exchange of energy, regardless of the amount.”

Conrad wishes to offer for this exceptional event an opportunity to share with all those who wish it by proposing a FREE and CONSCIOUS participation in order to act on his words and act according to his heart.

Most of the time, in our daily life, we are not really present to ourselves, because we are absorbed by many things, passing through various states, in matter, or in the mind: daily worries, thoughts, emotions , intentions, events, contexts, spouse, obligations, illnesses, desires, disappointments, fears, projections, expectations, attachments, dependencies, etc.…

The Meeting is made for above all returning to Self, in a State of absolute Presence, a “Quality of Presence” to oneself which allows us to be fully attentive to what is, inside as well as outside. outside of ourselves, in the truth that presents itself to us in the present moment, without distortion, interpretation, supposition, deduction, projection or judgment of what is.

By this quality of self-presence, we are also attentive to the whole, and to the teachings that are offered to us every day, which precisely also allows us to be fully attentive to any teaching, with accuracy. and truth.

Conrad’s just word, as well as the wisdom he embodies, guides everyone through his teachings in the physical and spiritual integration ofState of Full Presence and of Mindfulness , and allow you to touch your own inner Peace, in order to live and be one with individual and collective changes and transformations, and this, in the greatest Simplicity.

During his teachings, Conrad invites us to become fully aware in all simplicity, of our true and essential nature, to (re)connect to who we are, to each being, to the Earth and to the All, in Truth, Unity and ‘Harmony with all that is, thus offering beings present the opening of consciousness.

The Meeting in Presence led by Conrad is a space taking place in an atmosphere of Peace, transparency, guidance, awareness, presence to oneself, where we share teaching and accompaniment in the present moment, and on several planes. It begins with a theme that can open up to many others, as the questions and needs of each person arise, and whose answers become spontaneous collective lessons enlightening both the authors of the questions asked and the group present.

Beyond representations, beliefs, conditionings that partition, limit and nourish duality, beyond the character we imagine to be, the life we think we live, and the World we believe we perceive, the Encounter in Presence is a space helping to dissolve and transform the illusions, the veils, the beliefs, the parasites, memories linked to the past which clutter our consciousness and prevent us from “Being”, everything to which we identify ourselves but which we are not in truth.

This space allows us to discover, free and let emerge fully who we really are, at the heart of peace and inner silence, at the heart of the here and now, and thus access a space of peace, tranquility, happiness and of inner serenity, rediscover our unique and sensitive being, and allow a (re)birth to Self.

Conrad’s teaching makes it possible to reveal to Light, Truth and Wisdom for beings who wish to connect with their true deep nature, what everyone carries in their essence. Many transformations, liberations and even healings can be experienced by the participants.


Conrad calls, through his teachings and his books , to the elevation of human consciousness, to the opening of hearts and to the truth that is in everyone.

“It is important to be able to listen to your inner truth. In these times of change, ‘Human being must raise his consciousness, and understand that he is much more than what he thinks.

The Way to Self is a way that reveals the truth that we are.

The path is not easy, the path is a mystery, but it is the path. The Path to Self is the path to love, the absolute encounter with the essence of who we are.

Here, it is not a question of changing, but of becoming again what you are and have always been in truth. Each thing, event, person, circumstance always reveals more to you about who you are. Everything participates and contributes to your development.

Unity, Love, Altruism, Compassion, this truth inscribed in the depths of everyone, and that life offers us to live and embody here and now. It is also essential that everyone can fully open their consciousness to the truth, to live in depth, and no longer to function on the surface as it has been inculcated in Man so far.

Conrad explains to us that it is important to understand that everything is linked, that everything is interconnected, and thus allow the emergence of a new world, which is the reflection of what we wish.

He is the bearer of a Universal message and his deepest wish is to raise human consciousness so that Brotherhood, Peace, Harmony, Unity and Love can fully awaken in the heart, consciousness and everyone’s spirit.


We could refrain from putting titles, definitions or describing these evenings, conferences and Circles, going beyond labels and explanations, because the simple presence is enough to feel, and this, well beyond words. It is in these wordless spaces that things happen beyond all expectation.

But nevertheless, the human personality often needs “securities”, lairs, tangible explanations to reassure itself, although what is experienced in these events is never identical, and is unique, in the present moment.

(1) In face-to-face encounters, we are in the presence of the truth itself. The Meeting in the Presence thus defined can designate an assembly which is constituted around an enlightened person whose teaching is given spontaneously in the present moment in connection with Knowledge and Universal Consciousness.

There may be exchanges, questions, moments of silence, meditation, offering participants times of welcome, understanding, integration…

The IMMERSION© RETREAT is outside any religious dogma, spiritual movement or sectarian practice.

Conrad 2022©

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