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IMMERSION RETREAT© with Conrad CA on Reunion Island from October 19 to 23, 2024

19 October -8h30 - 23 October -17h00

IMMERSION RETREAT© with Conrad CA on Reunion Island from October 19 to 23, 2024

IMMERSION RETREAT© with Conrad CA on Reunion Island from October 19 to 23, 2024

During the Immersion Retreats, Conrad shares the essence of who he is, in the greatest simplicity.

In these, we live to the rhythm of simplicity and above all of full consciousness, oh so essential in this “Way to Self”, and all the more so, in this period of change.

Conrad invites us to walk towards inner Unity , to live our life in full awareness of the present moment, and to manifest “the State of Presence”. We are led to return to the center of ourselves, in what Conrad calls the “Inner Temple”. Conrad also teaches us how to see life and the world with wisdom, accuracy and depth, in the most humble simplicity.


Conrad invites us to touch the essence of who we are, the essence of Being, to plunge into the heart of the Self and evolve in a timeless space. A time that also invites us to get out of habits and the illusion of educational, social, cultural and religious conditioning.

The energy and verve of Konrad help us get to the heart of the matter and invite us to discover, feel, rediscover and live our true, deep, primordial nature, our true essence, like a (re)birth that we are invited to relive, like a liberation, enabling us to manifest more Peace and Love for ourselves and for all.

Conrad partage avec nous ses enseignements,

He can evoke in depth various themes such as: being fully in the present moment, and in presence with oneself, learning to decondition oneself, listening to one’s body, one’s feelings, one’s guidance, one’s functioning, learning to have the right Word, allowing the right expression of our inner truth.

Conrad can also talk about many subjects such as food, conscious walking, breathing, altruism, compassion, humility, being in true service, etc…

It also discusses how to find a state of simplicity, authenticity, tranquility and serenity, and many other things.

Ce temps d’immersion permet une « mort » de l’illusion, et une véritable renaissance à Soi.

So, in this invitation, we detach ourselves from the beliefs that still limit us from what we think we are, in order to see the Sacred in everything, including, and even more so, in ourselves, in the other, and in all that is.

Conrad invites us to find ourselves, beyond everything, in simplicity...READ MORE HERE

Conrad CA: When he was about 3 years old, he had his first vision, and from his earliest years, he spoke with conviction to his family in these wordsWhen I’m older, I’ll do something for the Earth and for people. I feel I have to do things for her and for people. I know that’s what I have to do…”. On several occasions in his life, and particularly during a trying period, he lived in isolation for over 10 months in the middle of the mountains.

He experimented with intangible worlds. Then he passed through moments of pain and disidentification, followed by states of awakening, realization, emptiness and bliss. Conrad does not belong to any spiritual, traditional or religious movement. The essence of his knowledge springs spontaneously from within himself, like a kind of original memory that he is keen to pass on.

Conrad has been working for several years now, putting himself fully at the service of his fellow man and of humanity.

Her messages are simple, profound and full of wisdom, touching the heart and soul of everyone. Thousands of people have come into contact with his energy, his “Presence”, and have experienced many transformations as a result.

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19 October -8h30
23 October -17h00


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Reunion Island
Saint Joseph, 97480 Réunion + Google Map