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IMMERSION & PILGRIMAGE RETREAT with Conrad CA at Mount BUGARACH – June 29 to July 5

29 June -9h30 - 05 July -17h00

Retraite Immersion au Mont Bugarach avec Conrad juillet 2024

IMMERSION & PILGRIMAGE RETREAT with Conrad CA at Mount BUGARACH – June 29 to July 5

IMMERSION & PILGRIMAGE RETREAT with Conrad CA at Mount BUGARACH – June 29 to July 5

Why a Mont Bugarach Pilgrimage Retreat?


For those who know me, I’ve had a connection with Jesus and Mary Magdalene since I was a child.

Mont Bugarach is an energetic and spiritual Mecca.

It is one of the 13 most important energy hotspots on the planet, on a par with Mount Sinai in Egypt, Moses’ mountain where he received the tablets of the 10 Commandments. Mount Shasta in the United States, one of the oldest places of worship on the planet, a cosmological site for ancient civilizations. Mount Kailash in India, the abode of Shiva (India, where I’m also inviting you to join me on an extraordinary Pilgrimage Retreat in March 2024).

These are very powerful places, and when you enter them, your mind, body and soul are instantly impacted and imbued with their clearly perceptible energies.

At the summit of Mont Bugarach, the remarkable natural energy point is marked by a stone (with a small hole).

It has the highest vibratory rate in Europe.

The mountain is a portal to several dimensions, and is home to dozens of mysterious natural and man-made galleries. There are also hidden tombs of spiritual masters and saints. It’s a place full of questions, enigmas, mysteries and legends. According to one of them, mentioned in ancient texts, this place housed one of the 12 chests of Jerusalem’s treasury.

* But above all, ancient manuscripts reveal that members of Jesus’ family went into exile and lived for a time at the foot of the mountain following the resurrection.

Jesus is said to have stayed there before heading to India, to the village of Srinagar, at the foot of the Himalayas, where he ended his days. His tomb is located there.

Having made a pilgrimage to the Mount myself during those years when I had many mystical experiences and realizations, it is for all these reasons that I wish to share this with each and every one of you.

The grotto of the Saint Antoine hermitage

in the Galamus Gorge, which we’ll also visit, is also a place steeped in mystery. Around the 7th century, hermits and ascetics came to isolate themselves in these natural caves in the Gorges, to meditate, find answers to their spiritual quests and seek a state of awakening. Over the years, they built a few human walls here as early as 1395.

It is said that Mary Magdalene’s energy protects the walls of this cave, and that she is the first to welcome pilgrims there alongside the Virgin Mary.

This place and its surroundings are full of secrets that I’ll be telling you about during this Pilgrimage Retreat.

Conrad CA:

When he was about 3 years old, he had his first vision, and from his earliest years, he spoke with conviction to his family in these wordsWhen I’m older, I’ll do something for the Earth and for people. I feel I have to do things for her and for people. I know that’s what I have to do…”.

On several occasions in his life, and particularly during a trying period, he lived in isolation for over 10 months in the middle of the mountains. Conrad CA experimented with intangible worlds. Then he passed through moments of pain and disidentification, followed by states of awakening, realization, emptiness and bliss.

Conrad does not belong to any spiritual, traditional or religious movement. The essence of his knowledge springs spontaneously from within himself, like a kind of original memory that he is keen to pass on.

Conrad has been working for several years now, putting himself fully at the service of his fellow man and of humanity.

Her messages are simple, profound and full of wisdom, touching the heart and soul of everyone. Thousands of people have come into contact with his energy, his “Presence”, and have experienced many transformations as a result.

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29 June -9h30
05 July -17h00




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