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THE VOICE OF THE OLDER GENES – An awakened memory

4th cover: In this book, the ancients manifest ” their voices “, addressing the “modern people”, through a reawakened memory .

These writings are far from being a story, or even a novel.

The teaching is powerful, perhaps overwhelming for some, because it is simple and resonates strongly, directly in the heart. There is a truth which remains beyond time, and which comes to you, knocking at the door of your hearts and your consciences.

This book is a message for humanity, in these times… Read MORE .


4th cover: Conrad, through these lines, makes us realize that every moment of our life is a precious and even…sacred moment.

He is addressing humanity here in the name of Mother Earth, of the Great All, without distinction of color, age, or social, intellectual or religious rank, with the hope of deeply touching the conscience of each ‘between us. The message is powerful and delivered with humility.

The changes that Conrad proposes to us are the fruit of a great Universal wisdom. Opening our minds is the key… Read more


4th cover: In this period of great change, human beings live in a society that confines them to a context that does not really correspond to them. This “pseudo-modern” society that he has created even prevents him to a large extent from making a journey towards himself… thus walking on a path of comparisons and identifications, creating division, disunity and duality in oneself and beyond yourself… From childhood to adulthood, is the human being really himself?

In his writings, through his vision imbued with wisdom and simplicity, Conrad invites us and helps us to improve the way we think, see and act. In all humility, he opens doors to ourselves.

A path to Self… Read more


A rare book, absolutely essential – really not to be missed – which powerfully changes our Consciousness. There is a “before” and “an after” as you read this book. Personally, I will reread it and reread it again to live it more every day. Wonderfully well written, clear, accessible, both fluid and very deep, each carefully chosen word, each sentence constructed with great care, resonates deep within our Being. Conrad’s beautiful illustrations are in perfect harmony. We will never view Mother Earth the same way again. Every gesture counts – there is no small gesture – to respect her, to love her, to cherish her. It’s urgent… She’s in serious pain… We’re destroying her. We will never consider everything that is alive in the same way again, such as animals, forests, trees, plants, water, lakes, oceans, earth, stones, places where the Spirit.

We will never look at Ourselves the same way again. Nor the Others. Neither Life… We are infinitely more than we believe. Equally important, we are in deep and permanent interconnection with The Great All. Let’s wake up! Let’s find our roots. This book is a hymn to Respect, to Love, to Knowledge – to Happiness, the real thing… Everything starts from our Heart, from the awakening of our Heart, from the transformation of our Heart.

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