Conrad was born on the family ranch, and from an early age he learned the wonders and harshness of life. He always felt in harmony with nature and grew up in contact with it. When he was about 3 years old, he had his first vision, and from his earliest years he spoke with conviction to his family with these words: “Later I will do something for the Earth and for the humans, I feel that I have to do things for her and for the humans, I know that, that’s what I have to do…”


Very young, he felt a lot of respect, admiration, fascination and love for the Earth, Nature, animals, humans and even the rhythm of the seasons and the Earth. He spends a lot of time in contemplative states, and by observing, he feels that all these things are “gifts” that can reveal a lot to the human being, transmit lessons, essential teachings, messages, understanding about life , on the existence, to offer a great serenity and a connection to the “Self” and to its “Source”. For him:

“It seems to me obvious, necessary and essential to preserve this whole, this “Great Everything”. This can only be done in Unity and together, because we are all responsible, co-actors and co-creators of the world of tomorrow”.


Very early on, Conrad had a particular outlook on life, and on the “human” aspect of existence. From his schooling, he becomes aware that the forms of education offered by the school system do not resonate with him, understanding, much later, that he carries within him knowledge and other truths about existence. He leaves the school system very early to experience, for many years, the world of work observing the hierarchical system based on power and enslavement, based on a way of thinking which is in his opinion illusion, dis-unification, duality. and division, creating certain forms of inequality between men, and where everything is comparison and identification with what is external to the Self. He learns along his way to listen, trust his inner knowledge, but also to discover, perceive, understand and develop his extrasensory perceptions, faculties and abilities, such as mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clear feelings , telepathy, things which, in his view, we have in part from birth.


“Human beings are conditioned to think that they must succeed, have money, material goods, have a family life, children, a nice house, but this creates various forms of dualities in themselves, from division, and does not allow access to unity, to its “Source”, to its inner Divine Being, the deep “Self” which is in truth. There is always an identification with what is external to oneself. It starts from childhood where we are given notes (labels) which are only too often there to highlight the mind/ego, which forges a certain “personality” which always compares itself, by reference, to some something external to oneself, and which creates a form of duality, with limiting beliefs of “SELF”, while it is essential to seek in oneself the Divine part which resides in our essence, in the depths of our pure consciousness , of our heart, of our “BEING”. »

By the forms of education which are given to the human being, this one is in the “realization” of the personality, instead of being in the “realization” of the Being.

Today, a new era presents itself to humanity, an era essential to the “realization” of the Being

Self-taught, he also learns, alone, music (by ear), painting on canvas, sculpture, as well as many Arts through which he deploys his creativity and his love.

“When I practiced these Arts, I had an obvious feeling, or rather a memory of having already practiced them”. His talent being perceived, he was then offered a few exhibitions of paintings. Despite this, he feels that something is missing, that this is not what he should focus on and that this is not an end.

“All forms of art simply make it possible to use matter (painting, musical instrument, sculpture, voice, etc.) to manifest love and to offer it to the world”.


At the age of 10, he wanted to deepen his knowledge of the body, the mind, and its abilities, as well as meditation, and he then asked to join a Martial Arts school. Conrad is absolutely not interested in combat, and refuses any competition, because in his opinion, it is only soliciting the personality who wants to prove or value himself, creating duality in himself.

By observing people fighting, the human being fighting “against” someone who has done nothing to him, whom he does not know, and where there is nothing vital to defend, an answer then comes to him that this is certainly the will of the ego in the making. For him, competitions are for the most part made to put the Being and humanity to sleep, and to remain in a personality which wants to prove something, through a value judgment by a third person, where there is no nothing to prove.


But for Conrad, Martial Art is above all a deep knowledge of oneself. He then begins a great quest, often in the heart of nature, where he will practice several arts, every day, and in particular, the ancestral martial practice of Shaolin monks. He will thus work intensely on the body’s enduring capacities for long periods of time, putting it to the test, to see to what extent it can observe suffering and pain, without identifying with it, through the mastery of the mind. Conrad founded his own school, having the impetus and a natural predisposition to teach in a traditional, non-dual way. Then, after a path of almost 25 years, he stopped martial arts, realizing there too that it was not an end, and feeling the call for other deeper things.

Conrad will also live in “poverty”, and during a particularly trying test, he experiments despite himself, but with welcome, the detachment of the material.

On his way, being “inspired”, he starts writing, feeling the urge and the deep evidence to share his inspirations. For 10 years, he then notes everything that comes from this (or his) “memory(ies)”, as well as everything that reveals itself and awakens deep within him.

This is how the first book “Get Aware, and Advance” was born.


During a book signing, Conrad then discovers a book that talks about telepathic communication with animals, whose author is an American. The intuition is strong: he must meet it. A year later, the meeting takes place and will once again upset the course of his life. He then understands that he communicates naturally since his childhood with animals without putting words to it. He leaves his job, and all the rest of his illusory “security”, and goes to the United States, which for him are sacred lands, lands of the ancestors. Conrad feels a deep evidence and a call to put himself at the service of others, of the Earth, and of the “Whole”.

While living in the United States, he met and rubbed shoulders with “Medicine Women” and “Medicine Men” from various American Indian traditions who would make revelations to him, and through their visions would recognize in him a very “special” man. But Conrad, although very grateful and honored, does not wish to identify with this because he does not want to put any label on himself.

He has many “mystical” experiences and becomes aware that other facets of certain abilities are present in him, including what is known in the United States as “Medical Intuitive”: the ability to “scan” a body and see dysfunctions that medicine only detects with certain technologies, or that it simply does not detect.

It was also in the United States that he wrote his 2nd book “Un Same Souffle”.


Several times in his life, and particularly in a trying period when he lived in isolation for more than 10 months in the middle of the mountains, he had experiences with the intangible worlds, then went through moments of pain, disidentification, ensuing states of awakening, realizations, emptiness and beatitudes.

These moments of pain lead us to a certain perception of existence. The experience of attachment (pains, fears) leads to non-attachment. Then, being at the heart of isolation, as there is no longer any identification, comparison or reference to the outside, the pain gradually transforms and gives way to something else, alternating states of pain and love. In these states of love, all is One, all becomes unified and internal and external judgment fades, as well as identification with the personality. Nothing is duality. It’s what we are beyond anything we think we are.”


Traveling through many countries of the world, Canada, Mongolia, Peru, India, the United States, South America, Hawaii, Conrad meets, without looking for it, women and men doctors, shamans, Sadhus, Indian “masters”, sages, monks, priests, Grandfathers and Grandmothers of many ethnic groups, communities and other teachers of various traditions, and with whom he shares his vision of the world, of the human being and of life. He also had several so-called mystical experiences, and attended many ceremonies in contact with these multiple encounters. Each of them will confirm the first vision of his childhood when he was 3 years old, addressing his family with conviction (see beginning of biography).


Today, and for several years, he travels in several places of the World and dedicates himself to accompany and help those who wish to walk towards their true essence. Thousands of people have been able to meet and feel his energy, his “presence”, and have experienced many transformations and even healings through his contact during Immersion Retreats, conferences and trips, videos in which he shares his vision of the world, transmits messages, also shares this Universal knowledge, his “memory” and his experiences, wishing to raise human consciousness and bring more Peace and Love in this world.

To date, many people come from several countries, Canada, Reunion Island, Egypt, Tahiti, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, India, to meet Conrad to follow his teachings in Europe.

His messages are simple, profound, full of wisdom, and touch everyone’s heart and soul.

Conrad does not belong to any spiritual, traditional, sectarian or religious movement. The essence of his knowledge takes its source within himself in a spontaneous way, like a kind of original memory which is close to his heart to transmit. He also responds to interviews, radios, broadcasts and videos that are offered to him. Conrad has spoken on several occasions in high schools and other institutes such as sophrology schools, educational gatherings and others, in order to transmit and share with the greatest number of people.