Raising human consciousness

For over 15 years, Conrad has dedicated himself to teaching those who come to him a deep, universal truth. Several times in his life, he has experienced states of awakening and realisation, strengthening his determination to work for the elevation of human consciousness.

Today, he transmits simple, intense and powerful messages with profound wisdom. His presence unifies and brings about real transformations and even healings at his touch. See his full biography here

"The future of the Earth and of humanity depends on the elevation of consciousness, on the awakening and the wisdom that each person can live and embody fully within him or herself. But also on the opening of the heart, the love, the altruism and the Compassion that each human being can vibrate, deploy and offer to the world. Each person comes into the world for this.

Wisdom does not depend on a posture, or on clothing. Wisdom depends largely on how you look at the world, and from what part of yourself you look at it.

It is essential that everyone understands that human beings did not come to Earth to seek or wait for love, but to offer it. This offering of love can take a multitude of forms according to the impulses of each person.

This love is the greatest thing written in everyone.

"It is no longer the time to nurture duality in the world, but rather to embody an example, to be a living testimony to the truth, and to honour life. 

For the sake of all that is, it is essential that everyone be able to return to their true essence, which is love.

The path is not easy, the path is a mystery, but it is the path. The Path to Self is the path to love, the absolute encounter with the essence of who we are.

Here, it is not a question of changing, but of becoming again what you are and what you have always been in truth. Each thing, event, person, circumstance, reveals you more and more to what you are. Everything participates and contributes to your evolution. 

Unity, Love, Altruism, Compassion, this truth inscribed in the depths of each one, and that life offers us to live and incarnate here and now. It is also essential that each one can fully open his consciousness to the truth, to live in depth, and no longer to function on the surface as it has been inculcated in Man until now.

At the beginning of time, Man arrived on Earth with the opportunity to live in harmony, in serenity, in osmosis with this whole, to be able to communicate and interact with this Whole, and to be an integral part of it. Our life as a human being is one of the most beautiful gifts we are offered to live. The Human experience, the mystery of the path we are. This path taken by each of us allows us to know Humanity, but also our own humanity, and to follow the path towards ourselves, in order to be able to live "Our own Presence" with depth, in full awareness, and to listen to our inner truth. Because of the different modes of education that have been imposed on him, the human being has become distant from his true nature. 

Let us love and respect Life. Every gesture counts to preserve what is. We are One, Unified by one energy, nothing is separate here or elsewhere, on this Earth plane and on the Universal plane.

It is important to fully honour life in all its aspects.

The future of the Earth and of humanity depends on it. 


Directed by Anthony Chene and TISTRYA production

 Conrad talks about his journey and explains how there are other realities all around us, beyond our five senses.

It explains why material reality as well as our thoughts, emotions and actions are only energies, and how these can influence our lives.

Faced with this current period of change, he shows that we must "awaken internally first and foremost, and that it is our openness and evolution of consciousness and heart that will allow us to move towards a better World, a World of Love, Peace, Brotherhood and Unity...".

"Each of us individually and all of us together can and do change this World because we are all responsible and co-actors and co-creators of tomorrow's world, and we are all intangibly linked and connected to each other, to the Earth, to the Greater Whole and to the Source.

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